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Loomis is a small, semi-rural town in Southwest Placer County, about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento on I-80. It is part of the Loomis Basin, located in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Loomis is bordered by Granite Bay (to the south), Rocklin (to the west) and Penryn (to the north).
Zip Code
Area Codes
Land Area
Average Income
Median Home
916 and 279
7.27 sq. mi.
404 ft.
6,856 (2022)




Cambridge Estates
Clos Du Lac
Harvest at Loomis
Lakeshore Estates
Loomis Hills
Monte Claire
Monte Sereno
Placer Canyon
Poppy Ridge Estates
Sierra College Estates
Sierra De Montserrat
Sierra Ridge Estates
St. Francis Woods
Sterling Pointe
Taylor Village
Terracina Estates
The Orchard at Penryn Park






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Pacific Gas & Electric
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Recology Auburn Placer
(530) 885-3735


(916) 786-8555


Placer County Water Agency
(530) 823-4850

Loomis, California


Race and Hispanic Origin (2022 Estimate)%
White alone84.5%
Black or African American alone0.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone0.7%
Asian alone1.1%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone0.0%
Two or More Races11.3%
Hispanic or Latino8.2%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino81.7%
Age and Sex (2022 Estimate)%
Persons under 5 years4.4%
Persons under 18 years19.0%
Persons between 18-64 years54.9%
Persons 65 years and over21.7%
Male persons55.2%
Female persons44.8%

The Town of Loomis was incorporated in 1984 and operates under the Council-Manager form of government. Five Council Members are elected to serve as the Town’s policy makers. The Council Member with the highest number of votes is seated as Mayor Pro Tempore the first year and Mayor the second year. The Town Council hires the Town Manager, who serves as administration and ensures that laws and ordinances are enforced.

  • Mayor of Loomis: Danny Cartwright
  • Town Manager: Wes Heathcock


Loomis, California was founded in 1850, originally named “The Grove” by gold miners who settled along Secret Ravine. The area was home to the Nisenan people, a branch of the Maidu Native American tribe. Since then, the town’s name has changed several times:

  • 1861: The name changes to “Placer” when the Placer Post Office opens on the site
  • 1862: The name changes to “Smithville” in honor of L.G. Smith, a prominent leader
  • 1869: The name changes to “Pino” after the arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad
  • 1890: On May 28th the town was named “Loomis” after James Oscar Loomis (1830-1895), a pioneer who was a store and saloon keeper, railroad express agent and postmaster

Loomis was the second largest fruit-shipping station in Placer County in the early 20th century. Here are the packing sheds that were a part of Loomis history:

  • High Hand Fruit Sheds: Built in 1926 by the Loomis Fruit Growers Association (LFGA) as their central packing plant. The sheds were one of seven in Loomis that shipped thousands of pounds of fruit nationally for decades.
  • Blue Goose Fruit Shed: Built in 1945 on Taylor Road between King Road and Webb Street. The shed sorted, packed, and shipped fruit nationwide for three decades.
  • Blue Anchor Fruit Shed: Closed in 1985 and destroyed by fire in 2002.

The Loomis Basin Historical Society was founded in 1993 to preserve the heritage of the Loomis Basin people and communities.


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